What is the Faculty Staff Campaign?

The Faculty/Staff campaign provides GHC employees an opportunity to become engaged and involved with the fundraising effort in support of GHC's student, faculty, staff and programs.  Annual Gifts of all sizes have a huge impact on a student through scholarship support.  Your gifts provide critical revenue that support the college's priorities and make a significant difference on all our campuses.

Why should I give to GHC?

Your participation matters.  Participate in the Faculty/Staff Campaign and tell the world YOU believe in our mission of access to an excellent and affordable education for all.  GHC needs every employee to help, not just with your gifts but also with your enthusiasm.  Your belief in what GHC will accomplish with these gifts signals to alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations that we are an institution worthy of support!  Your gift - regardless of its size - makes a difference!

Can I specify where my contribution will go?

YES. The choice is yours. If you prefer an alternative to unrestricted giving, you can designate your gift to any of the foundation's endowed scholarships, the general scholarship fund, or athletics.

What are the payment options?

A: There are several ways to make a contribution.

    1. Fixed Pledge – complete a faculty staff campaign form and choose option 1.
              (Fixed pledges only last for one year January-December)

    2. Open-ended Pledge – complete a faculty staff campaign form and choose option 2.
              (Open-ended pledge indicates that you want a specific amount deducted from your paycheck indefinitely until you notify the Office of Advancement otherwise)

    3. Send a personal check made payable to the GHC Foundation, Inc.

    4. Pay with a credit card at highlands.edu/GiveToday. (a secure site)

    5. Make a gift of appreciated securities, such as stock. Please contact the Office of Advancement for more details regarding securities and/or stocks.

Will I receive a year-end tax receipt from GHC?

The college is a 501(c)3 organization, and all gifts to the Faculty/Staff Campaign are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. All donors will receive a letter to be used as a receipt for tax purposes.